OF scripture and feelings from the outskirts of venn

God has given us more than a prescription for a better life; a story Of messy Heartache, fallen heroes, And His grace for those On the outskirts.

As a parent, I often struggle with trying to turn regular interactions with my kids didactic. You can see on their faces the moment I pivot a story they are sharing with me into a ‘poignant teaching moment’. Their glazed eyes aren’t looking back me in defiance, but more of a muted sigh of “please listen, feel, and think with me… not at me.”

Scripture is often interpreted like that, where narrative and poetic passages are whittled down and explained as their didactic passage brethren, stripping them of the meaning their context inhabits.

So, let me offer you a momentary remedy:

a collection of forty-five lyrical poems focused on real human and divine emotion, shared within the context of Scripture and the life God has given His people.

Lyrics that point you back to the fullness of the passages. An invitation to feel

out loud together and embrace the