Started as a kid making a Plinko board out of an old cereal box and toothpicks, Dwayne continued in set design as a speech teacher and youth pastor. That passion for construction took a new form about ten years ago with an impromptu Legend of Zelda costume for the local Makers Faire. Wishing to not stay a silent protagonist, he jumped right into large scale foam work, building his first of several Halo Spartan suits. He moved into the Masterclass category, becoming a local cosplay competition judge after winning first place with his formidable Rocket & Groot. He was later invited to the animated series premiere at Belmont University in Nashville of The Wingfeather Saga books, written by Andrew Peterson. There his Wingfeather costumes were featured for red carpet guests to meet in person. He continues to build more Wingfeather props and costumes from his garage shop as a brand ambassador.


let's build something!